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Prospect & Targets of Changhua County Police Department (CHPD)

The prospect of CHPD is to build “A Community of Happiness” and to make “People Live in Changhua peacefully.” The CHPD will take actions that suit local circumstances, and there are four main targets which include “Protecting Citizens with Good Public Security”, “Implementing Smart Policing with Excellent Service”, “Helping the Aged and Protecting the Weak” and “Protecting the Community together by the Police and Citizens.” There are also six key strategies which include “Feeling safe in Public Security”, “Setting Farmer’s Mind at Ease”, “Keeping the Smooth Flow of Traffic”, “Applying New Technology Attentively”, ”Making the Aged and Children Feel Relieved ” and “Enhance the Coherence of Community.” The CHPD will continue to create new service measures so as to make Changhua citizens feel blissful. In order to achieve these goals, the CHPD will focus on the following targets in the future:

  • Enhance the investigation of criminal cases to ensure the public security.
  • Apply measures of traffic management and improve methods of construction to keep the smooth flow of traffic.
  • Keep improving the functions of “Technological Commanding System”to enhance the quality of responding case report.
  • Shape the high quality and new police culture.
  • Make sure to implement a community-oriented policing and enhance the usage of local manpower.
  • Improve in publicizing crime prevention measures to protect the safety of women and children.
  • Enhance the projects working on the assessment and supervision of public security.
  • Continue to implement every project.
  • Plan to construct Smart Policing and build a “Sunny Safe Changhua County.”